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Dermamelan Intimate Peel

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Dermamelan Intimate Peel Treatment In Jaipur

Dermamelan Intimate Peel is a non-invasive solution for treating effectively and safely hyperpigmentation in an intimate area. The use of dermamelan intimate contributes a differential value over other medical-aesthetic treatments. 

Dermamelan intimate peel

It is an Anti-aging, depigmentation that clears blemishes, improves tissue quality treatment correcting, and regulates hyperpigmentation.  It helps to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, achieving an effective result in the short term. 

The procedure of dermamelen intimate peel

  • In the first step, the area is cleaned with lukewarm water and surgeons apply formulated balm to avoid irritation in the delicate areas. 
  • JPR aesthetics surgeons apply dermamelen intimate peel using a fan brush and it is left on for up to 7 minutes. 
  • After completing 7 minutes spray is applied to neutralize the peel acids and stop all peel action.
  • 3/4 mm of the intimate peel is applied in a layer with a spatula.
  • The treated area is covered with the occlusive film to accelerate the penetration of the active ingredients.
  • After two hours of treatment, the patient can remove their peel with lukewarm water.

Advantages of dermamelen intimate peel

  • Unified skin tone
  • Short and long-term correction of hyperpigmentation
  • Improved skin elasticity and water retention in the area
  • Prevent the appearance and reappearance of dark spots
  • Improve the appearance of intimate hyperpigmentation
  • Suitable for treating genital-perineal, perianal area, mons pubis, inner thighs & groin

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