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Maxillofacial prosthesis ( Eye, Ear, Nose & Finger)

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JPR Aesthetic specializes in Maxillofacial Prostheses, a lesser-known field of dentistry in which we help restore lost parts of the face such as the eye, ear, nose, palate, finger, toe, and so on. These ground-breaking alternatives to the original organs will provide you with a natural-looking replacement after surgery.

These flaws are usually the result of a trauma. Such patients frequently have aesthetic problem that makes them feel socially awkward. We, at JPR Aesthetic centre with two Prosthodontists on staff, offer a variety of cost-effective options for regaining that confidence by replacing the missing area with something as close to the lost part as possible. For example, individualizing the eye or a missing part of the eye so that it appears to be the original eye.

Treatment should be approached with the assistance of specialists from various disciplines (ENT, head and neck surgeon, radiologist, speech pathologist, physical therapist, dietitian, gastroenterologist, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, dentist, neurologist, etc.).

Any defect in the maxillary or mandible caused by the removal of part or all of the jaw bones due to cancer causes a number of complications. They may have a nasal twang that interferes with their speech, or the connection between the mouth and nose may have opened, allowing food or water to leak into the nose, creating a social barrier due to their unattractive appearance. 

JPR Aesthetic specializes in providing an acrylic plate with teeth to cover up the defect in order to overcome these issues. This plate, also known as an obturator, aids in eating, talking, and appearance.

In JPR Aesthetic the treatment is approached with the assistance of multiple specialists. The goal of therapy is to protect the airways and maintain nutrition. Direct therapy aims to alter swallowing physiology through medical treatment of primary disease, maxillofacial prosthesis, and cricopharyngeal myotomy. Tracheostomy, medialization, laryngeal suspension, laryngeal closure, and/or laryngotracheal separation-diversion surgery may be used to treat chronic aspiration.

JPR Aesthetic uses the proper technique and takes all safety precautions.

Contact JPR Aesthetics to take advantage of our all-inclusive care. We keep you looking and feeling good while also making you feel good about yourself!

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