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Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

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Soft Tissue Laser Surgery In Jaipur

Lasers have been used in dentistry for about two decades and are suitable for a variety of procedures, including soft tissue treatment. 

In JPR Aesthetic, Soft tissue laser surgery is available in a variety of powers and wavelengths and can be used for procedures, that would normally be done with electrosurgery or a scalpel Laser dentistry is a much gentler form of surgery that produces little to no heat. Dental lasers allow for the effective, precise, and safe removal of soft tissue when used correctly. Soft tissue laser surgery is treated for gingivectomies and periodontal treatments, frenectomies, ablating and removing aphthous ulcers, and gingival contouring.

A laser is a highly concentrated beam of light. These lasers come in a variety of brands and employ slightly different technology to accomplish their objectives.

Soft tissue lasers, as the name implies are intended for use on soft tissues in the mouth, such as the gums. A soft tissue laser can be used to replace a scalpel during various dental procedures such as gum recontouring, periodontal (gum) disease treatment, frenectomies, dental implant placement, and more.

JPR Aesthetic soft tissue laser surgery has numerous advantages. It uses lasers that help to alleviate pain during procedures. In fact, they can eliminate the need for local anesthesia in some cases. Because lasers cauterize as they move, patients may experience little to no bleeding. Stitches may not be required in this case.

Dentists at JPR Aesthetic take great care to sterilize their scalpels and other instruments. A laser, on the other hand, is even more sterile because it kills the bacteria it comes into contact with. That is one of the reasons why lasers are so effective in the treatment of gum disease.

JPR Aesthetics goes to great lengths to make your transition from fine to fantastic a pleasant one. Even during a medical procedure, one may have a homey feeling.

Our JPR Aesthetic Centre is committed to providing superior service, high-quality amenities, and advanced procedural procedures all under one roof.

Our JPR Aesthetic Centre is committed to providing best Soft tissue laser surgery In Jaipur.

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