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Teeth Whitening In Jaipur

Brushing and flossing your teeth are simple ways to keep them bright, white, and healthy. Still, if you think your smile has lost some of its lustre or has turned yellow, then you’re not alone, 80% of people have the same problem and they have requested tooth whitening.

The JPR Aesthetic tooth whitening is a straightforward procedure and cosmetic dental procedure that lightens tooth pigmentation. 

One of two tooth bleaches is used in JPR Aesthetic Teeth Whitening products (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). These bleaches break down stains into smaller pieces, resulting in a less concentrated colour and brighter teeth.

In JPR Aesthetic the peroxides are activated and release oxygen molecules into the enamel micro-fractures, breaking down stain pigmentation. This oxygen release can happen slowly or quickly. Over the course of a few hours, custom take-home whitening treatments stimulate the release of oxygen. In just a few minutes, laser whitening, such as Zoom, causes a rapid release of oxygen. 

A high-intensity light source is used in JPR Aesthetic to achieve teeth whitening. Bleaching’s most common side effect is temporary tooth sensitivity to cold. Because the micro-fractures and natural enamel pores are open during treatment, this is the case. Over time, these micro-fractures and pores will re-mineralize.

By speeding up the re-mineralization process, special toothpaste can help reduce sensitivity.

JPR Aesthetic assures you that you will get natural whitening teeth that are coloured by the reflection and scattering of light off the enamel, as well as the colour of the dentin beneath it.

So contact JPR Aesthetics to take advantage of our all-inclusive cosmetic services. We help you feel good about yourself by keeping you looking and feeling good!

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