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Tummy Tuck Surgery In Jaipur

Are Sit-ups not giving you the belly you want? If you have too much flab or extra skin in your abdomen that does not react to diet or exercise, that may be a “tummy tuck,” which is also known as “abdominoplasty.”

To remove this unwanted tummy tuck JPR Aesthetics have a perfect solution that is tummy tuck surgery.The term “tummy tuck” refers to a cosmetic surgical technique that is performed to make the abdomen slimmer and firmer.This procedure flattens the belly by removing excess fat and skin and strengthening abdominal wall muscles.

It is not the same as liposuction, however you may choose to have liposuction in along with a tummy tuck.

JPR Aesthetic steps of tummy tuck surgery

  • A hip-to-hip incision is performed just above the pubic region.
  • A further incision is done to separate the navel from the surrounding skin.
  • The skin is separated from the abdominal wall, exposing the muscles and fascia that will be tightened. Sutures are used to tighten the muscular fascia wall.
  • The transition zones of the abdominal sculpture are frequently refined using liposuction.
  • A dressing and, in rare cases, a compression garment are used, and any extra fluid from the location is evacuated.

This is a big procedure, so if you’re thinking about it, you should be well informed before making a decision.

JPR Aesthetic is here to deliver you with accurate information regarding tummy tuck surgery as well as a faultless and risk-free procedure. 

JPR Aesthetic uses the proper technique and takes all safety and precautions.

JPR Aesthetic provides perfect services,you will find privacy and full secrecy inside our comfortably air-conditioned facilities, allowing you to discuss any problem or demand with us in perfect comfort.

Get in contact with JPR Aesthetics to enjoy our all-inclusive cosmetic care. We keep you looking and feeling well, and we help you feel good about yourself!

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