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Biopsy Treatment In Jaipur

A biopsy is a surgical procedure that removes tissue from a patient’s oral cavity for microscopic examination, usually to make a diagnosis.

JPR Aesthetic’s oral and maxillofacial surgeon is fully aware of the patient’s medical status prior to performing an Oral Biopsy. This would entail a thorough review of the patient’s medical and dental history, including previous surgeries, medications, allergies, and any social behaviour such as smoking, drinking, and using illegal drugs.

JPR Aesthetic oral biopsy is typically performed under a local anaesthetic, applied locally with infiltration near the lesion, or regionally with a nerve block technique. However, in JPR Aesthetic, the anaesthetic is not injected into the lesion or applied superficially in and around the lesion.

Once the lesion is free of the remaining soft tissues, it is placed in a sterile pathology specimen jar with 10% buffered formalin for fixation. 

Firm manual pressure is applied to the biopsy area after the Oral Biopsy to stop any bleeding. Finally, either resorbable or non-resorbable sutures is used to close the incision. Sterile gauze is applied to the surgical site once more to aid blood clotting and prevent the patient from swallowing blood.

The patient of JPR Aesthetic is given a packet of gauze to change every 20 to 30 minutes throughout the day. The gauze should not be left in the mouth for an extended period of time.

JPR Aesthetic is dedicated to providing you with accurate information about biopsy as well as a flawless and risk-free procedure.

JPR Aesthetic uses the proper technique and takes all safety precautions.

JPR Aesthetics goes to great lengths to make your transition from fine to fantastic a pleasant one. Even during a medical procedure, one may have a homey feeling.

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