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Facial Fat Transfer and Induction

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Facial Fat Transfer And Induction In Jaipur

You might think that wrinkles are the most apparent signs of aging, but volume loss in the face can make you look older. As we grow older, we naturally lose essential facial fat, which makes us look younger and healthier. Facial fat loss is what can lead to hollowness around the eyes and cheeks and make skin sag and less tight. Fortunately, there is a permanent way to restore facial volume with a facial fat transfer.

Fat transfer is often known as fat grafting, and it is a natural surgical procedure to move fat from an area of the body, where it is plentiful, and transfer it to the face to restore lost volume.

Process of facial fat transfer

The process of facial fat transfer is done by using the liposuction technique to remove fat from the areas of the body where there is extra fat, such as the stomach, thigh, and hips. After removing the extra fat, our doctors prepare it for injection. At last, fat is carefully injected into facial lines, hollows, and crevices to rejuvenate and reshape.

Benefits of facial fat transfer

  • One of the most significant benefits of facial fat grafting is how natural the results look. With the right plastic surgeon, results from facial implants can look natural. However, analogous facial fat transfer is natural.
  • The procedure of fat transfer is quite safe, easy, and a result-oriented procedure that is performed by using your body fat. 

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Our primary goal is to provide our patients with extraordinary personalized and professional health care that sets us apart from other clinics. Our surgeons are very well qualified in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

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