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Butt Implant Surgery In Jaipur

The buttocks sag and the skin loosens as a result of significant weight loss, advancing age, and the effects of gravity. Excess fatty tissue detracts from the taut, youthful appearance that many people desire. Butt Implant Surgery is typically requested by patients who want to improve the size, shape, appearance, and proportion of their butt.

The JPR Aesthetic provides butt implant surgery that restores the buttocks to their youthful shape and position.

Butt Implants are solid silicone implants that are inserted between the Buttock cheeks. When people want more shape in their posterior, silicone implants are usually preferred as the best option. 

The procedure followed by JPR Aesthetic

Doctors make the cut to place the implants after giving you anesthesia so you won’t feel anything. They can do it in the top of your upper buttocks, the bottom of your buttocks, or between your cheeks. The implants are placed in or below the muscle on both sides of your buttocks by the doctor. Every doctor has a preferred insertion and placement method. 

The implants are placed inside your gluteus (butt) muscles, which reduces the risk of sciatic nerve damage. This could result in neuropathic pain and issues with your back and thigh muscles. 

Once your surgeon is satisfied with the appearance of the butt implants, sutures or surgical tape are used to close the cuts.

JPR Aesthetic guarantees the best and most immediate results.

JPR Aesthetic is here to deliver you accurate information regarding butt implants as well as a faultless and risk-free procedure. 

JPR Aesthetic uses the proper technique and takes all safety precautions.

Get in contact with JPR Aesthetics to enjoy our all-inclusive care. We keep you looking and feeling well, and we help you feel good about yourself!

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