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Micro Needling Radio Frequency Treatment In Jaipur

Is post-acne scarring scares you? It is challenging to overcome these scars, but now it is possible with micro-needling radiofrequency. 

Micro-needling radio frequency is a cosmetic procedure to cure post-acne scars, wrinkles, and ageing signs. It uses tiny needles and radiofrequency waves to rejuvenate facial skin and repair scars. 

Microneedling radiofrequency uses a fine needle to create micro-wounds, or channels, in the skin with the help of radiofrequency waves. It triggers the production of capillaries, elastin, and collagen. It’s also called skin needling or collagen induction therapy. 

The needle releases radiofrequency into the micro-wounds, causing additional damage. The damage stimulates the growth of healthy new skin, which can benefit common skin issues like acne scars and wrinkles. It enhances the effects of standard microneedling with radiofrequency.

This treatment mainly benefits fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, large pores, acne scars, scars from injury or surgery, hyper-pigmentation, loose, sagging skin, cellulite, and hyperhidrosis.

Recovery timeline after dimple surgery

The recovery period could vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the healing micro-wounds. It typically takes a few weeks for your skin to look natural. You will be able to eat after the surgery, but it is recommended to wait until the anesthesia wears off.

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