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Cosmelan Peel Treatment In Jaipur

Do you want to lighten your skin tone? Cosmelen peel is the perfect solution for you, and it is the most potent skin lightening therapy available compared to other depigmentation treatments. 

The Cosmelan Peel is a unique, multi-ingredient chemical procedure designed to reduce areas of hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration significantly.

The Cosmelan procedure reduces the skin’s natural melanin production by restricting melanin production to provide an even complexion.

The procedure of cosmelan peel

  • Our Advanced Skin Therapists will clean and prep your skin.
  • The Mesoestetic Cosmelan mask is evenly applied in a thick layer.
  • The mask may lightly sting upon application, but the sensation will quickly dissipate.
  • Depending on the level of correction needed, the mask must stay on between eight and twelve hours.
  • You will be given detailed instructions for the appropriate removal methods for taking the mask off at home.
  • We will provide you with a complete after-care kit and guidelines for use.

Some other benefits of cosmelan peel

  • Effective for pigmentation that has failed to resolve after traditional skin lightening topical products
  • Effective for pigmentation that has failed to resolve after traditional treatments such as superficial peels
  • Rapid and easy depigmenting action
  • Compatible with ALL skin types
  • Light peeling effect
  • Treatment can be used all year round
  • It does not contain Hydroquinone or TCA
  • No side effects

At JPR aesthetics we are passionate about helping our patients in enhancing themselves in the safest and most natural ways. Our surgeons are so honest and ethical so you will never be pushed to have treatments you don’t need or want. Many patients choose JPR aesthetics because of our expert team of doctors, devoted staff, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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