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Cyst Enucleation In Jaipur

A cyst is a closed, abnormal sac of tissue that contains fluid or soft materials within your body. They occur more frequently in your jawbone than in any other bone in your body. A cyst in your jaw can develop for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Infection caused by a broken or damaged tooth.
  • Inflammation at the root of a tooth with dead/non-vital pulp
  • Inflammation of the gums around erupting teeth, such as wisdom teeth
  • Cells and fibers that surround a developing tooth.
  • A condition that is inherited (e.g. Gorlin-Goltz syndrome)

JPR Aesthetic introduces a few common jaw cysts. They are divided into two types: odontogenic tumours and cysts and non-odontogenic tumours and cysts.

A cyst is a pathological cavity that contains fluid or semi-fluid. Jaw cysts are more common than cysts in any other bone, and the majority of them are lined entirely or partially by epithelium. Enucleation is the process of removing the entire cystic lesion without causing it to fracture. This procedure is typically indicated for a small cyst and can be performed when no vital structures are involved.

The JPR Aesthetic proposed a new technique that reduces the chances of cystic lining perforation and ensures complete cyst enucleation in the majority of cases.

Although a cyst cavity will eventually heal and be replaced by healthy bone, you will no longer be bothered by it.

At the JPR Aesthetic, a new modification aimed at increasing the likelihood of a good and complete enucleation has been proposed.

JPR Aesthetic utilizes proper technique and takes all necessary safety precautions.

Contact JPR Aesthetics to take advantage of our comprehensive care. We keep you looking and feeling good while also making you feel good about yourself!

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