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GFC Therapy In Jaipur

Day by day, increment in alopecia and hair loss cases makes everybody tense. People typically lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, and this hair fall usually isn’t noticeable because new hair is growing simultaneously. Hair loss occurs when new hair doesn’t replace the hair that has fallen out. The problem of not growing new hair is called alopecia.

But now, you can regrow your hair with GFC therapy. It is highly safe as prepared from the Patient’s blood without contamination. During the procedure, JPR aesthetics surgeons require about 16 ml of a person’s blood, and it takes about 40 minutes for preparation to get about 7-8 ml of final ready to inject GFC output.

According to JPR aesthetics surgeons, the most important Benefits of GFC therapy is that they Reduce hair fall, has a Virtually painless procedure, has No downtime or discomfort, Rejuvenation of hair follicle, Improves hair thickness, Strengthens hair shaft, Increases hair volume, Stimulation of hair growth, Ideal for both men and women.

During the consultation session, our surgeons will explain to the Patient how the GFC therapy works and its benefits, ensuring the desired results in 3-6 months. Also, we explain to them the pain factor, which is very minimal. During consultation will document all the pictures of the scalp and discuss the entire medical history.

JPR aesthetics has the most sophisticated surgeons for hair restoration treatments like GFC therapy, hair transplant, beard transplant, etc. Our specialists regularly accomplish beard and hair transplants and restoration surgery. 

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