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Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal Fat Removal Treatment In jaipur

Do you also want a face that is naturally soft and filled out, which is also considered youthful? Now you can get this youthful skin with the buccal fat removal technique. The surgeons use the buccal fat removal technique to thin the cheeks, specifically in the cheek hollows. It is a surgery that involves the removal of excess fat pads from the cheeks to create a more contoured facial appearance. 

The procedure of buccal fat removal

The surgeons of JPR aesthetics first use local anesthesia to numb the area that the surgeons will treat. After this, the surgeons placed a small 2-3 cm incision inside the mouth on each side above the upper molars. After dissecting the buccinator muscle fibers, the buccal fat is visible and removed by the surgeons of JPR aesthetics. Our surgeons will repeat the exact process on the other side. Then they’ll close the wound with dissolvable stitches.

Some other benefits of buccal fat removal

  • More defined cheeks
  • Improved facial contours
  • Rejuvenated facial shape
  • Enhanced facial appearance
  • Increased self-confidence

JPR aesthetics surgeons will explain buccal fat removal surgery to patients, its risks, benefits, etc. They also take the necessary precautions to minimize patient risk throughout buccal fat pad removal. 

In addition, JPR aesthetics surgeons prioritizes patient education. They want their patients to understand how they remove buccal fat to enhance facial symmetry. This allows patients to assess the pros and cons of fat pad removal and decide if the surgery can help them accomplish their facial rejuvenation treatment goals.

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