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Scaling & Polishing Of Teeth

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Scaling & Polishing Of Teeth In Jaipur

Are you wishing to remove stains from food (coffee/tea) or cigarettes, as well as tartar or calculus – this aids in the prevention of gum illnesses, which are the major cause of gum recession, loose teeth, and, eventually, tooth loss.

To recover or stop these diseases such as decay and cavities. JPR Aesthetic provides the process of teeth scaling and polishing.

Scaling and polishing treatment cleans your teeth and helps to prevent and control gum disease. If there are many stains on the outer surface of the teeth, teeth may appear lighter after scaling and polishing. Because the yellow colour comes from inside the tooth, there will be no changes after teeth cleaning if the intrinsic colour of the teeth is very yellow.

JPR Aesthetics used specialized devices to remove plaque and calculus deposits from your teeth softly and without damaging them. The ultrasonic scaler employs vibrations to dislodge hardened tartar that has been attached to or in between teeth. To eliminate debris, water spray is also used. The scaler may make a high-pitched buzzing sound while scaling.

Polishing is typically performed following scaling to remove stains and make your teeth feel smooth and shiny. In JPR Aesthetics polishing is done with a spinning soft rubber cup. Prophylaxis paste – a toothpaste-like substance is scooped into the cup and spun around on the teeth. To remove stains, polishing uses a spray of air and water mixed with sodium hydrogen carbonate powder. It may taste slightly salty.

The main aim of JPR aesthetics is to clean and polish the surfaces of the teeth so that germs cannot stick to them and so offer you a better chance of keeping the teeth clean throughout your usual daily hygiene routine.

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